Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sexy 380

As the fortunate friend of an Engineer at the Adelaide Mitsubishi plant I was able to borrow a brand new 380 VRX for a few days this week. I admit I didn't have huge expectations but after a couple of hours of driving it I was hooked. This is an AWESOME car! The model I had was an almost 180kw, 3.8L V6 manual with traction control, great suspension and brakes, full leather trim, sunroof and a six stack CD player. However, this car is certainly a case of being worth more than the sum of its parts. Its simply a very well rounded, easy to drive car with excellent handling, good pickup and an a touch of class. Apparently, even the VRX model is less than $40K (Aust) which in my opinion some of the best value around. I am very seriously considering some new wheels. Two thumbs up Tom!

Friday, January 20, 2006

The 11th hour....

Well I'm nearing my 70th work hour for this week. My eyes are blurry, my head hurts and my sense of reality is diminished (it doesn't help that its 42 deg C outside!) but I am in the final stages of my software opus. NetFox 3.8 ( is "almost there" and I have but a few tasks remaining on the list. This version has a whole new interface written in Ruby on Rails, has some new powerful reporting, a whole new policy manager, better searching and user management, a config Interface (thanks to Tim Riley) and is sitting atop Fedora Core 4 and postgresql 8.0. Too many more things to mention here but check out the screenshots! I'm off to curl up in the foetal position... UPDATE: The week blew out to over 100 hours but I have done 3 installs this weeks already - I was so tired last night that I couldn't drive home! Ughh!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Snappy ideas

Well the music biz thing, SnapTrax has led Steve and I down a path I never thought I would follow - face-to-face market research. In other words, I have become one of those annoying morons who stands in rundle mall trying to get people to do surveys! In actual fact it wasn't that hard and we got almost 30 responses for less than an hours work. I suspect we probably need about 200 or so to be worthwhile so there's a few more Saturday afternoons gone :(