Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Big Day Out!

All of this hard work has been making me a little void. You know what they say - all work and no play makes Daniel something, something...So I decided to go to the big day out for some serious play time. Lots of big acts and some not so big acts many of which are faves of mine. Cog, Mudvayne, Wolf Mother and Shihad to name a few. All in all a great day and I certainly felt it the next day! I even managed to catch the stick of Cogs drummer as he flung it into the crowd of some thousand people - definitely a highlight. BDO is certainly not for the faint hearted but for music lovers of all ages its a treat. I even ran into some customers and a couple of well known adelaide sales people! I guess I wasn't the only one slacking off :) Now I've had my day off I'm refreshed and ready to write more glorious code.


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